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Ella Yachtwear.  Designed by actual stews!

Anyone can find a skort from a manufacturer, slap a label on it, and call it their own.  We went a different route.


When it came time to design our Skorts and Shorts, we got together with 5 chief stews, some champagne and lots of notes.  It took 9 months to design our line of Ella Yachtwear.  (stews kept leaving and missing appointments hahaha.) 

We made every effort to think of everything.  We started with a radio clip, so you only show your underwear if you want to show your underwear.  Then we focused on making the skort less crotch velcro, we nailed that also.  We feel we have the MOST comfortable skorts and shorts.  But really, you be the judge.  Come and try one on, and see the difference; Because, there ACTUALLY is a difference. 


It's like we always say... Get to know us!

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