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Ella Yachtwear Dress.  Designed by stews!

Ahhh yes, the little black dress.  No, wait a second, this isn't just any little black dress.  This is an Ella Yachtwear dress, and it was designed by stews, with YOU in mind.  Based on the features we've managed to squeeze into our little black dress, we feel like we nailed it.  But don't listen to us, we are after all very biased.  So ask the 100's of Stews who have them.

A few things to discuss...

  • Radio clip - Check

  • Wire Management (yes, our dress has wire management) - Check

  • Built in Shorts (optional) let's be honest, stews go up and down stairs all day.

  • Available in 3 options.  Sleeveless, Sleeves and Wrap

  • Two colors - Black and Navy

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