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Saltee Rags was created out of a need for a new way of doing things: the green way. 
We don’t use any chemicals or mineral spirits. Here,
at Saltee Rags, nothing touches the earth. We invite you to make an appointment to visit our showroom or take a tour of our 44,000 sq. foot facility.

We do EVERYTHING in house and nothing gets outsourced. For you, this means continuity on printing and embroidery that is second to none. 

That’s what makes us different.

So, what's the difference between Saltee Rags and our competitors?

  • In-house everything!  We are a design center that offers embroidery, screen printing, custom labels, custom hats, and custom apparel to meet the ever-growing demands of yachts and their crew.

  • Quality. We don’t cut corners to increase profits- we do it better the first time. ​

  • Green, Green, Green. Screen printing is an environmentally dirty business. Working with our partner companies, we have developed a completely green manufacturing process. Nothing touches the earth.  We have some apparel that was once a plastic water bottle, and some apparel that was a bag of used coffee grounds.  Talk to us, and see the difference.

  • We double dog dare you to ask the competition if they can say the same…

  • Go ahead, ask.  We'll wait right here.

embroidary (1).jpg

"I could not say enough positive things about the Saltee Rags Team! They’ve gone above and beyond helping me source anything I’m looking for; from crew apparel, exterior mats, service and housekeeping items (glassware/linens), carpets, crew Cabin furnishing - you name it, they can help. They have been great at working with me in different locations even outside of the US. Finalizing orders - especially with minimal time limits; delivering items to me when in the Bahamas, sending me samples and even hand delivering items on a moments notice. Trust that they will work hard to achieve your vision and do it with your success at heart. Thank you so much to the Salteerags team! Love this company :)"

- Chief Stew Cathryn, 49m

"First Class! SRCA has been instrumental in getting MY ******* outfitted with crew apparel and luxury logo items. The team is very dependable and you know you are always getting the best pricing for quality products. I've placed several orders that always seem to be "last minute" The team have always come through! SRCA is my first and ONLY call for yacht apparel and accessories! Thank you!!"

- Owner, 28m

"Saltee Rags Crew, I cannot thank you enough for saving my booty over the Thanksgiving holiday. Seriously, I don't know what I would've done without you. Hopefully I can come visit the new office digs soon and drink rose all day with you guys. Until then, I hope this helps fill your wine fridge : ) Cheers!"

- Chief Stew Jenn, 28m 

"SRCA did a really nice job helping us with our new crew uniforms. Easily one of the most available and responsive uniform agents I have ever worked with and is pricing is very fair. They sent me photo samples to view at 10pm at night and his turn around time was fantastic. We had started from scratch and they helped us put together all of the various uniforms that we needed, for all occasions. We will certainly use him again and I'm happy to recommend him to other Captains and Chief Stews in the industry."

- Captain Scott, 46m

"We had a last minute order before heading to the Bahamas. Not only was everything we ordered top notch, and less than other quotes - it got delivered just in time for our trip. Thanks For great service that matches you excellent product selection!"

- Captain Josh, 60m

"Amazing customer service! Our shirts all came out perfect! Even better than what I thought they would be. I am so happy with the entire experience!"

- Owner, Marine Services Provider

"We can all agree ordering uniforms is a drag. Trying to balance keeping the crew happy and fashionable and not break the owners bank can be stressful and challenging. Throw that out the window with Saltee Rags. They make ordering and deciding effortless and painless. Samples arrive quickly so decisions can be made and uniforms turned around quickly. I had almost no notice on getting an order done days before we left for a month in the Bahamas. They knocked out our stuff on the weekend so we had in in time for our departure. All their printing and embroidery is done onsite so the turn around time and prices are WAYYY more reasonable and faster than their competitors. Thanks guys!!!"

- Chief Stew Adrienne, 40m

"Great new company, going above and beyond to outclass the well established titans in the industry. Great product, very fast turnaround times and excellent service. Thank you guys, definitely will be back."

- First Mate Lance, 60m

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