Saltee Rags came out of a need for a new way of doing things: the green way


We don’t use any chemicals or mineral spirits.  At Saltee Rags, nothing touches the earth.  We invite you to make an appointment to visit our showroom and have a tour of our 44,000 sq. foot facility.  We do EVERYTHING in house and nothing gets outsourced.  For you, this means continuity on printing and embroidery that is second to none. 

That’s what makes us different.

Let’s make a few assumptions.  There is a pretty good chance that the person reading this (yes, you… HI!) is either a captain or a chief stew.  Because let’s be honest, engineers simply don’t care about uniforms, chefs are only going to filthy them up, and deckhands… well they just want something that dries quickly.


So that brings us to the decision makers.  Yes, that’s you.  Again, hi!


Saltee Rags Crew Apparel is a yachtie-owned and operated company; we understand what you need because we have been wearing yachting industry standard uniforms for years.


We’re ready to break that standard and offer higher quality products that don’t destroy the environment in the manufacturing process.


Everything we do, from dyes to silk printing to embroidery is ALL environmentally-friendly.  Our partner companies all believe in the same cause that we do: small carbon footprint so that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be able to breathe.


We even offer shirts made out of recycled plastic bottles.  Yes, you read that right.  No other apparel company can say that.  The same goes for our environmental standards at the factory level. 


Nobody does what we do.


We are a transparent company that strives to offer epic customer service.


Speak to Lena, David, or Michelle and let’s make a difference.

So, What's the difference Between Saltee Rags and our competitors?

  • In house everything!  We are a design center that offers embroidery, screen printing, custom labels, custom hats, and custom apparel to meet the ever-growing demands of yachts and their crew

  • Quality.  We don’t cut corners to increase profits- we do it better the first time. Most companies have a 3000 stitch count as the standard; the Saltee standard is a 7000 stitch count. At the minimum.

  • Green, green, green.  Screen printing is a dirty business.  Working with our partner companies, we have developed a completely green manufacturing process.  Nothing touches the earth.  We have some apparel that was once a plastic bottle of water, and some apparel that was a bag of used coffee grounds.  Talk to us, and see the difference.

  • We double dog dare you to ask the competition if they can say the same…

  • Go ahead, ask.  We will wait right here.

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